policy and refunds

We will provide a variety of tops to choose from, we have a range of sizes, you will also provide us your sizes when you book so that we can try and accommodate as best we can. We will size you in to the tail that fits you best, the color of the tail will not matter because we can change the color to suit your request when we do the final retouching and edit on your complimentary edit.

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate outfit changes, as we have limited time with all of you. We can make a few adjustments to hair and accessories during your shoot but that's really all we can accomplish with the time given.


*Once we receive your image selection number back via email, your selected image will go into our "Edits List", it will be done in the order it is received. This process can take anywhere from two to six weeks depending on how back logged we are on other edits. We will do our best to stay in constant communication with you during this process and as we work on your final edit.

Refund policy
You have 48 hours after completing your booking to request a refund. We can only accommodate a full refund if you make this request with in 48 hours.

That mermaids need the perfect temperature to shoot they don’t like the rain or lightening so, if Mother Nature decides to rain down on our parade we will need to reschedule. A new date will be issued within 6-8 months of original shoot date. This is our policy and no refunds will be issued but, we can assure you a new date will be scheduled.

Unfortunately we cannot accept deposits or half payments.

We cannot make changes or swap the payments around once the payment is made.

Once we receive your payment we will send you an email to confirm your shoot. At that time you will be asked to provide additional information and we will also provide you with additional details of the shoot. We do not release the exact shoot locations to the public, in an effort to prevent "shoot crashers".