Private ocean shoot in Avalon on catalina island

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This is your chance to become an ocean mermaid on the beautiful island of Catalina. This package includes a 45 minute beach shoot underwater or land with your Project Mermaids photographer Angelina, an ocean safety specialist, and one fully edited mermaid image. This will allow you plenty of time to get the shot you have always dreamed of and make your mermaid dream come true.


How to get to Catalina

The Catalina Islands are located 250 miles off the coast of Los Angeles. Catalina is only accessible by ferries, which run daily from Long Beach, Dana Point, or San Pedro, CA. The ferry system is very popular and you should make your reservation as soon as possible. The shoot price does not include the trip to Catalina but we would be more that happy to assist you with any questions you may have about booking.


You can also access a ferry schedule here Catalina Express;

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If you have any question of concerns about your Catalina Ocean Shoot, don’t heritate to ask we are more than happy to help.

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